To rest

Few people in history have managed to build companies that continue to be associated with them even many years after leaving. Henry Ford and the Lehman brothers gave the business their own names. Eternal rivals Steve Jobs and Bill Gates managed to repeat their success without resorting to a tricky trick. Founded 45 years ago, Microsoft Gates has been a symbol of progress and wealth for many years. The emblem of his company every day is seen by millions of computer users around the world, and the ratings of the wealthiest people on the planet invariably include him in the top five. In recent years, the billionaire did not directly participate in the management of the corporation, focusing on charity, and now he has decided to completely retire.

Bill Gates announced his resignation from the board of directors of Microsoft and investment company Berkshire Hathaway came a few hours after US President Donald Trump put the country in emergency mode. The company’s shares, along with the rest of the securities falling in recent weeks, rose sharply in price, although they could not fully recover the loss. “I see the new stage as an opportunity to maintain friendship and partnership, as well as continue cooperation with two companies, which I am particularly proud of, and give priority to some particularly dangerous global threats,” the billionaire wrote.

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